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1. Connect existing Events
Connect Facebook and Eventbrite accounts to import all Events' information.
2. Run ads in a few clicks
Prepared Ad Ideas tailored for you Events, you just need to click and run the Ad you like more.
3. Measure and improve
Track ticket sales. Get notifications with advice how to improve Event promotion. Save time and money.

Grow Your Evenbrite Events'


Are you scared of
Let's face it. Running efficient Facebook event advertising is complicated.
Yes, I need help!
Facebook Event promotion made dead simple
(Event Marketing Toolbox ad creating screen)
Launch ads just in one click
(Facebook ad creating screen)
Research and fill 22 fields
We've simplified Facebook Ad creation process. All information and media is already imported from your Eventbrite Event page.
Create Ads 50x Faster
Location set automatically from event's Eventbrite description.
Use Pre-filled settings
With Ad Ideas, you don't need to solve puzzles with ad preferences. Check settings, adjust. Hit 'Run Ads'. That's all.
Targeting setting related to your event's topic are already pre-filled.
Ads automatically converted and ready to go for all popular Ad Formats.
Potential reach describes how much people could see your ad.
Ad will stop before the beginning of the event.
Budget set to required amount for the selected date
Ad image is already set to your Eventbrite event's page cover.
Ad text filled with event description.
Facebook Pixel automatically detected, so ad will be optimized for ticket sales
Book a demo and get advice on marketing improvement.
After reviewing all settings and optional adjustments you just need to hit 'Run'. That's from 20 to 100 times faster ad creation then with Facebook Ad Account.
Full picture of your marketing and sales performance with important metrics from Facebook and Eventbrite.
Drill down to any event performance. Check individual metrics for each event. No need to visit multiple dashboards and analitics tools.
Event Marketing on Scale
Save Time. Take control of budgets, sales, ads, spendings, tickets for all Events at a glance. Promoting 10 or 1000 Events, no problem.
Eventbrite + Facebook Ads
Event Toolbox automatically collects and matches important metrics from both platforms. Transparent report how your Facebook Ads drive Eventbrite ticket sales.
Book a demo and get advice on marketing improvement.
Facebook Pixel Friendly
Install Facebook Pixel in 30 seconds
You can create a new Pixel from scratch or work with an existing one. Install to all your Eventbrite Events just in a few clicks. It's never been easier.
Submit the form. Get advices on marketing improvement.
The Best Strategies of Online Event Marketing
Maybe you heard about Facebook Ad strategies that drive ticket sales. But you never have time to find out how to set it up.
Use built-in Ad Ideas:
Find People who are into your Event
Promote to people with similar interests
Run cross promo to your other events
Promote to existing customers lookalike audience
Return indecisive customers with remarketing ads
Sell to friends of you fans
Built only for The Event Industry.
Fits to any type of Event.
Professional team
Backed by advertising campaign strategists
Our team has vast experience in the ticketing field. We've noticed how difficult it is for Event organizers to deal with Event marketing on Facebook. So we decided to build a product that simplifies Facebook Event marketing as much as possible. Our primary focus is on concerts, festivals, venues, ticketing companies, online events, and conferences. Our mission is to help event-related business with the best practices in Facebook Event marketing that are easy to launch and understand.
Events Promoted
Event Ads Created
Facebook Pages Connected
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